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Audio Visual Equipment Rentals
We specialize in affordable Audio Visual solutions for business and personal “memories to music” presentations for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings. We will be happy to consult with you regarding your special requirements for projectors, screens, sound systems, players and microphones. Let us also help you simplify the often daunting task of connecting this equipment with all the required specialized cables and adaptors.

Reduce your stress...No deposit required and No additional daily fees
Pick up your rental a few days early and return it a few days later at no extra charge!


A variety of projector and cabling solutions to suit your presentation requirements... from $60.00

Projector Screens
Projector screens help deliver a clear and vivid presentation...from $25.00

Sound Systems
Have you considered a sound system for your presentation? We have a variety of speaker/amp combinations to suit any size venue...from $15.00


  • Delivery, set-up, testing, training and pick-up available by a qualified technician
  • Contact us for delivery fees
  • Pick up from us and receive free set-up and operation instructions


Epson Projector HDMI
All our Digital Projectors are compatible with...
Laptops, Game Stations, iPads, Tablets
Cameras, DVD Players, Blu-ray Players,
Cable TV Boxes and more!

We also have projectors with HDMI inputs


Affordable Professional Solutions • make your reservation today • no deposit required • e-mail or call toll free at 1-888-810-8223