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  Nightlife Entertainment Options

Let us tailor a unique and exciting entertainment package for your Interactive Party or Casino Night!

Using our entertainment options our goal is to keep every guest at your event involved and entertained.

I want to thank the entire Nightlife Entertainment team for a spectacular evening of fun! The responses that I have received from our employees have been absolutely outstanding. I am truly amazed by the positive feedback from two groups that have never had interaction with one another until last night. Many employees mentioned that it was the best company party that they are have ever attended. WOW!!!
Thanks again. Holly Stevens-Hendley Seimans Healthcare



Emcee/Disc Jockeys
Join the fun and leave the work to us!

Our Emcee/DJ’s are the foundation of our events. They lend friendly and informed assistance to your guests and keep the excitement moving all night long. To increase you’re your guests understanding and enjoyment of the casino night or interactive party our emcee addresses the party before and during the event to explain how the activities, games and prizes work. Reduce the stress of organizing and running fundraisers, parties and company events. Our talented Emcee/DJ’s are experienced in dealing with introductions, announcements, speeches, awards, silent auctions, raffles, draws, entertainers, karaoke, interactive games, casinos and audio visual production. An experienced Emcee/DJ will make a huge difference to the success of your event and your stress level!

  • Emcee/DJ’s supply professional sound systems with cordless mics for speeches
  • Carry all the popular music from the 50’s to right now! “Plus take requests”
  • Provide lively background music and/or dance music depending on event
  • Available for cocktail music, dinner music and more dancing!
  • Run Horse Racing, Community Party Poker and/or Karaoke
  • Are available to supply Projectors and Screens – ask for a quote


Community Party Poker
Everyone can play with break open Hold'em tickets. Guests use the 2 cards on their break open ticket along with the 5 community cards the host draws to make their best poker hand to win prizes!

  • Includes break open tickets and cashier
  • Fun addition to a casino night
  • Guests play for free and win additional draw tickets


Hold Em Tickets

World’s most popular audience participation spectacle

  • Professional Karaoke set-up with thousands of hit songs
  • Great entertainment on its own or with a casino night
  • Our Emcee/DJ’s are experienced singers and karaoke hosts
  • Singers can get draw tickets for participating



Post-time Horse Racing and Cashier
A game everyone can play
. Bet on your nag to win! Real horses, real races, real excitement!

  • Includes video horse races, TV or projector and screen
  • Combine it with a casino or make it a fundraiser on its own
  • Ask us how your organization can raise money with horse racing


Post-time Horse Racing

Slots-O-Fun and Operator
Big Screen computer video slot game the whole crowd can enjoy. Players use free slot tokens or casino money to play the Slots-O-Fun game to win draw tickets

  • Casino style video slot computer games on a 32” TV
  • Special betting table and operator
  • Up to 7 players can interact at one time
  • More fun, more visual and less money than slot machines



Photo Booth and Operator
Get your guests in the picture with our Photobooth

Several styles and price ranges to choose from

  • Send pictures directly to the social media of your choice
  • Unlimited pictures with your message or logo
  • Props for that special look
  • Green screen photos with lots of background scenes to choose from


Photo Booth

Trivia Contest and Host
Everybody love trivia and we’ve got it up on a big screen for everyone to play!

We can run a trivia contest as a dinner competition and pit table against table or as a smaller group contest as part of an interactive party or casino night

  • Comes with a host for dinner productions
  • Questions from lots of categories including music trivia
  • Include some history from your company
  • Includes a sound system, projector and screen for dinner shows
  • Available with an operator and 32” TV as a party game



Xbox Kinect with Operator
You control the avatars - without hand controllers
Sports, games of skill and dancing programs are all available

  • Includes gaming and sound system
  • Projector and screen or TV
  • Players win draw tickets and prizes


Xbox Kinect

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