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Karaoke Rentals and Professional Karaoke Hosts
Everything you need for a great Karaoke party

Reduce your stress...pick up your rental a few days early and return it a few days later at no extra charge!


All system share the same great Karaoke player programmed with over 2600 professional quality popular songs. 

All songs are built into the player so your guests just enter a song number from the catalog and start singing!

Our music selection features a wide variety of music from the 50's to now with 6 catalogs listing the selections by artist and title.

There are 3 professional choices of sound systems to suit the purpose and location they will be used in!

Junior System
Great for kids or small parties
Home System
Compact powerful sound system

Full Size System
The ultimate Karaoke party system
Karaoke Music
Thousands of high quality popular karaoke songs built right into the player - no discs to change!

Let Us Entertain You

Professional Karaoke Emcee / Motivators
We have ways to make you sing!

Girls Singing Karaoke
Girls just wanna have fun!

Caution: Costly repairs may result from using a Karaoke player and microphones with your home stereo system!
Nightlife’s professional Karaoke systems are designed to amplify an unprocessed “live” human voice. Therefore it can handle a greater frequency range (and resulting power surge) that may result from your guest’s unpredictable


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